Breaking news! Last night’s presidential election results in USA have surprised many of us.

Breaking news!

Good afternoon all our clients and friends! 

Last night’s presidential election results have surprised many of us. Although we do not hear what is being aired on foreign media, we suspect they have focused on sensationalism and do not always represent the real facts. Also the U.S. media (a source of much “information”) is usually biased, and leans heavily toward the Democrats and thus has been very negative toward Donald Trump. Obviously the vote yesterday shows they were wrong.

President-elect Donald Trump’s victory may raise some questions from the international community. Many are wondering about his plans regarding federally-funded exchange programs, his view on immigration reform, and the potential changes he might seek to visa policies. We also know that many of your participants are raising questions about what might happen to them now. 

Please reassure them there will NOT be big changes any time soon to international exchange programs and current participants will NOT be deported. Neither they, nor you, need to make any significant changes right now. 
It is important for all our clients to recognize that the U.S. government was set up with “checks and balances” with three different branches of Government 

1. Executive Branch (which includes the President) - who carries out the law 
2. Congress- who makes the laws 
3. Judicial Branch- who explains and applies the laws. 

No U.S President is able to operate unilaterally without the other branches of the Government working together. President-elect Trump will be no different than the others. We also know he is a good negotiator and knows how to compromise to make things happen. 

To view Trump’s victory speech, please click here:

The Pro Study International Company (Education Abroad Provider) works closed since 2001 with the Educational and US International Exchange programs, who is an association of nongovernmental organization that serves as the only collective public policy voice of the exchange community.

With the Alliance from our partner in USA we have strong bipartisan (e.g. both parties) support for international exchange programs. In the months to come, they will be working closely with our allies in Congress to retain existing relationships and create additional support for exchanges. We will seek to identify and engage key people in the new Trump administration to establish a good working relationship. 

The United States is and will always be a great place! The people of the United States are still the same people and the reasons why young people from Ukraine for language courses in USA, for secondary education in USA, for higher education in USA, also for Au Pair program, students for Work and Travel and Internship USA programs love to be placed in the U.S. are the same today as they were yesterday and will be tomorrow. 

Igor Shcherban, 
SEO & Founder Pro Study International 
Executive MBA

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