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What we beleive in

Pro Study International Core Values

We believe in excellence and integrity, providing the highest-quality programs and services, leading by example, and going the extra mile to serve our students and partners.

We believe in respect, embracing and celebrating diversity while practicing open and honest communication.

We believe in collaboration, drawing upon the knowledge, skills, resources, and passion of the entire Pro Study International community to provide programs and services that are truly unparalleled.

Finally, at Pro Study International we believe in innovation, pioneering solutions and using aggressive problem-solving to help expand access to international exchange opportunities.

Strategic Partnerships

We’re dedicated to sponsorship, outreach, and community projects centered on education, leadership, and access to transformative educational experiences for underrepresented groups.

To do this, we partner with a select group of organizations – locally, nationally, and internationally – that share our values and are dedicated to providing meaningful investments in the communities in which we live and operate.


We recognize that the success, and value, of every Pro Study International program is contingent on its accessibility to participants – particularly those from nontraditional backgrounds. That’s why we’re committed to breaking down the three principal barriers to international education and exchange: cost, curriculum, and culture.

We do this by offering students, teachers, and young professionals over five million dollars annually in financial support and by continuing to design curricula, and pioneer diverse programming, that is built around the needs and interestsof all students. Through these efforts we're working to ensure that all students – regardless of socioeconomic background, culture, or major – have access to the highest-quality international exchange experience.


We are experts in and ambassadors of international exchange.

Through our advocacy efforts, partnerships with like-minded organizations, and public awareness campaigns, we share our passion for, and help others understand the value of, intercultural exchange. Whether it’s supporting initiatives, viewpoints, and policies we believe in or helping to facilitate our stakeholders’ advocacy efforts, we work together to create a global climate that is favorable to student exchange.

Today, our work is more important than ever.

Student exchange is the finest investment in public diplomacy the U.S. can make. We believe it is our duty to see that the relationship between national security and exchange is carefully balanced. The U.S. must continue to welcome young people from abroad who come here to study, work, and volunteer, to ensure that our students will continue to be welcomed as they go abroad.

Health & Safety

At Pro Study International, the welfare of our participants is paramount. For nearly seven decades, we’ve provided our participants with the security and support they need to explore the world and immerse themselves in new cultures with confidence. That means being there for every participant during every step of their experience abroad.

Leading the Way

As a founding member of the Interassociational Advisory Committee on Safety and Responsibility in Study Abroad, we work with other industry leaders and professionals to assess current safety policies and develop new ones, leading the way for the field of international education. Our central Risk Management Team coordinates all Pro Study International staff training in health, safety, and security.

On the Ground

Whether your program is in the U.S. or abroad, our local, dedicated, full-time support and resident staff are the best in the business. From helping to ensure a smooth integration into a new culture to handling the details in case of an emergency situation, it’s our privilege to look after our participants from the moment you arrive on our program to the moment you head back home.

Back at Home

Pro Study International support is much more than a safety net. We’re here 24 hours a day, seven days a week for students and parents. And our commitment to safety begins before our participants even leave home: all pre-program orientations cover a range of safety policies and protocols. Working with the U.S. State Department and our Director of Health, Safety, and Security, we continuously monitor every destination and program for safety and stability.

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