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Au-Pair Germany (Au-Pair Deutschland) is an international program for young people, which can be used to learn German, to get acquainted with the culture of Germany and to visit other European countries. Its members live abroad at the host party and fulfill certain obligations (mostly bringing up children). The host party provides accommodation, meals, as well as money for pocket expenses.

Obligations of the host party:

  • to provide a residence, three meals a day;
  • to provide the opportunity to attend courses for the study of language;
  • to pay monthly pocket money;
  • to give once upon a time paid vacation for a month

Obligations of participant:

  • to spend time with children;
  • to help owners of house to clean the house;
  • to stay with the younger children in the absence of parents (every two days).

Families – participants are usually middle class families in which there are 1-3 children. They live in big cities, and often use the services of a maid who keeps the house clean. As a rule, accommodation unit is a cottage, with garden, play area, and sometimes a swimming pool.

The popularity of work in abroad is the result of the fact that Europeans are often busy people and it is profitable for them to hire a foreigner who will help in the household and in the upbringing of children. Moreover, for the host parties there are provided monetary benefits, which make the participation in the program mutually beneficial.


  1. Au pair GermanyAge - 18–27 years old
  2. Possession of the elementary level of German language to communicate with children and hosts
  3. Absence of criminal record and bad habits.
  4. Family status – not married, have no children.
  5. Absence of family ties with host family.
  6. Obtainment of insurance.

Mostly program participants are young girls. Guys can also participate. If the young boy has humanitarian education or teaching experience, to find the suitable family for him will not be a problem.


  • Questionnaire of participant.
  • Three photos 3×4.
  • Personal photos (family photos).
  • Curriculum vitae.
  • Copies of passports.
  • Copies of diplomas and certificates.
  • Motivation essay.

A temporary residence permit and educational visa are issued for trip. Participants are not given an opportunity to part-time work, but after a year of staying in Europe, they have the right to enter the University and extend your visa even without leaving the borders.


Each participant of program gets acquainted with a host family before leaving. By virtue of video, you will see with whom you will live. The family sends an official invitation document, which is submitted to the Ukrainian Embassy. Special organization conducts the interview with the family and housing checks for the presence of favorable conditions for life. After passing all of these stages, the family receives permission to accept Au-pair.

Why you should contact our agency to participate in Au-pair Germany?

  1. We will help to execute documents. We take the paper chase on ourselves, just follow our recommendations.
  2. We conduct training seminars. Our employees were themselves participants of the program, therefore, will be able to give valuable advices.
  3. We carefully select and check the host families. We cooperate with foreign agencies which provide us with complete information.
  4. We maintain the contact. We give a telephone number and you can call us during the day and at night. In addition, all our customers receive the contacts of each other. So they are not alone in a foreign country and can always meet compatriot.

Every year we send about 100 of our customers to Germany under the program Au-Pair Deutschland. While you are in doubt, someone takes your place. Hurry up - we are waiting for your call!

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For participation in the programs, contact the managers of the program
For participation in the programs, contact the managers of the program
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